Signals (2009-2011)

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There is something about enormous radio towers,and long winding transmission lines that capture my imagination. They are majestic and graceful in their symmetry but also cold and angular and menacing at the same time. It's hard for me not to be impressed and concerned by them.

These structures are usually the densest on the outskirts of major cities and then meander in thin lines across the countryside and through rural areas. I can't help but think about how much power and information is traveling through them. They carry so much noise that we can't hear and so much movement that we can't see.

A Mother's Loving Arms. 2011. Ink and Acrylic on Board. 24"x48"

"Receiving Signals". 2009. Acrylic and Ink on Wood.
"Two Signals", 2009. Color Woodcut. 6"x10"
"Open Transmission", 2010. Acrylic and india Ink on Scrap Wood. 12"x15"
"Harmonics", 2010. India Ink and Acrylic on Scrap Wood. 11"x12"
Hydroelectirc Pizzazz. 2011, Ink, Charcoal and Acrylic on Board. 24"x24"
Most of Wisc. 2011. Ink and Acrylic on Board. 12"x12"

"Signals Across a River", 2011. Acrylic and Ink on Board

"The Signals pieces are quite ominous, mysterious, they have a strange power of meaning behind them- somewhere between the monstrous and the otherworldly."

-Diane Thodos, artist/critic